What the People Are Saying

Sample Comments Regarding Citizens for State Pension Fund Indexing

“I believe this is a great idea for taxpayers!”

-Yunyu Shen, Los Angeles, CA

“This is a good idea; it will save a lot of money.”

-Risheek Chemudupati, Richmond, Virginia

“Congratulations to Citizens for State Pension Fund Indexing. This is shining a much-needed light on how MD state employees and taxpayers could get much more for their money!”

-Tony Cornish, Gaithersburg, MD

"MD pension fund has underperformed not only its comparable pension funds, but also underperforms a simple 60 stocks //40 bonds index, the 'gold standard' benchmark for large institutional investors. Indexing all state pension funds might produce some questionable, capital markets effects, but MD can’t afford spending $500 million per year for zero results.”

-Max Horan, Salisbury, MD

“Indexing the state pension fund sounds like a good idea for union members and taxpayers, lowering fees and following prevailing long term market growth.”

-Nelson Cover Jr.

“70/30 would probably is more realistic would show higher returns for index.”

Chris Tobe, Louisville, KY

“While this sounds great on paper, because it uses historical testing to prove a point on returns, it has an underlying challenge. I teach finance and have experience in the pension fund advisory world and was negatively impressed for the same reasons that this proposal points out - few money managers add value over time.”

-David Fick, Towson, MD

“I am sure the pension fund managers are trying hard to beat the 60-40 index, but most big institutions can’t do it. The financial market is too efficient.”

-Jordan Danso, Baltimore, MD

Call your state legislator to let them know the state can save money and get better investment results by indexing.