Better investment results by indexing

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Maryland Pension Fund Compared to Peer Group and 60-40 Balanced Index Fund, as of June 30, 2020 (All Returns Net of Fees)

The bar graph shows how the Maryland state pension fund, despite spending $500 million a year on Wall Street fees, underperforms a 60-40 index. A 60-40 index would cost less than 1/100th of Maryland's current outside money management costs. The studies below provide evidence of the benefits of indexing for pension funds endowments and foundations:

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The endowment, state pension plan, and foundation investment returns have underperformed

a 60-40 index, see the following studies articles, none of which have been refuted by Wall

Street or institutional managers:

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Call your state legislator to let them know the state can save money and get better investment results by indexing.

For information on fiscal 2020 fees, see the pension funds 2020 annual report. Below are excerpts from pages 73 and 86.